Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Novelty cakes

Or rather, cakes have become less of a novelty. I have now completed the beginner and intermediate courses in cake decoration at Trafford College, run by Pauline and Rachel of PR Design A Cake. It's been running since January, it's cost me £400 (so far - the advanced course starts in May) and it's been fascinating. I've met some lovely people, including Sarah Taylor of Taylor Made Cupcakes, who is shit hot and puts us all to shame every week.

So far I have made and decorated: a Christmas cake (Rachel didn't like the Ice, Ice, Baby pun and I don't blame her), a Hello Kitty plaque, marzipan fruits, cupcakes (iced with buttercream made with margarine, as disgusting as it sounds), a pierrot face, a basket filled with flowers, an icing greetings card with flowers poking out, a razz-whore 'ballerina' cake with an air of the Jordans thanks to the use of lustre dust and a race track cake complete with a Michelin man overlooking proceedings.

In my own time, I've done a giant cupcake (from royal wedding cake-maker Fiona Cairns' pretty if flawed book Bake and Decorate), a double-decker first birthday cake for Franklin and his friends, a tower of 100 cupcakes for a baptism, and a bunnies in bed cake for my sister, who shares my memories of the one mum made for us.

Today, I didn't really work. I made a big panda cake instead. Unbelieveably, I'm still quite enjoying myself. Roll on Advanced Cake Icing and Decorating.