Friday, September 04, 2009

Jill Dupleix is a genius

I've got too much respect for Jill Dupleix and her book royalties to reproduce her recipe for tamarind fish curry here, but let me say that it is a fine dish indeed. Tim regards it as 'fiddly' because there's some grinding of spices involved, but with cumin, coriander, ginger, garlic, turmeric, coconut milk and a big dollop of sweet-sour tamarind paste (which is much sharper ready-made from a pot than reconstituted from one of the dry blocks of fruit and seeds), it's got the lot. 

With some Saino's basics salmon (yes, I know, but it's sustainable, a bargain, and the Hale fish man is too 'eccentric' to mingle with unless we need some really special stuff) and a load of ripped-up coriander, it's lovely for spooning up in front of the telly. It's from Dupleix's last but one book, Good Cooking: The New Essentials, which is packed with other gems including pork chops with a maple syrup glaze and chive brot, rye bread spread with cream cheese and dipped into finely-snipped chives, which looks like a croquet lawn-made-canape. 

I highly recommend both book and curry, and now she and king Durack have moved to Australia and there'll be less of their lovely writing about, Good Cooking has a bit of extra savour. And if you're looking at the rice in the picture and thinking it looks a bit overcooked, you're right.  

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