Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I am the egg man (deluxe edition)

This minimalist egg cup-cum-toast rack – a recent gift – is about as sophisticated as my breakfast gets, unless a) I'm in a hotel, or b) someone's making hotcakes, the recipe for which is available strictly on dead-tree media and sadly unlinkable.

Still, it's a substantial step forward from what until recently was a breakfast policy of 'no breakfast'.


Douglas Blyde said...

It could also serve as a stylish letter rack/pen-holder...

Laura said...

Hi Emma and Tim,

I'd like to invite you both to a bloggers meeting. Really informal, drinks, food, goodies...

Held by Havana Rum to get some feedback on a twitter campaign they are launching.

Date is October 8th - all welcome.

Please e-mail me if of interest.

Kind regards,